Mertz Genealogy - Person Sheet
Mertz Genealogy - Person Sheet
Name6G GF Edmund Talbott Sr. 1099,1100
Death13 Nov 1731, BAL Co, MD1101,1102
ChildrenEdmund (1706-<1794)
 William (1709-<1752)
 John (1718-)
Parent-Proof notes for 6G GF Edmund Talbott Sr.
A William Talbott died in (then) Baltimore County in 1713. He had married Catherine, daughter of George Ogg. His will named only his wife and his daughter Margaret, no son. But the curious thing is that sometime later a tract of land named Ogg King of Bashan (a very strange name actually) became part of the land holdings of our Talbott ancestors.

The name of the land is a Biblical reference -- “Og” was, in fact, the King of Bashan according to the Bible, and was defeated by Moses and the Israelites. But it just seems like a name that only someone named Ogg would give to his land.

William Talbott also named certain other persons in his will namely the children of his brother Thomas in Lancashire, England. I have tried to see if I could find a connection between William and our line of Talbotts, but I have concluded it is unlikely there was one.
Relocated notes for 6G GF Edmund Talbott Sr.
Edmund (spelled Edmond) and Mary, recorded variously as Talbut and Talbert, baptized four sons at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, Anne Arundel County between 1706 and 1718. These were: Edmond born 17 Mar 1706/07, William born 18 Mar 1709, Charles born 10 Jan 1714/15 and John born 14 Jan 1717/18. Everything I know about the children of Edmund and Mary Talbott of Harford County -- their names and ages -- dovetails quite nicely with these birth records, except Charles must have pre-deceased his father as he was not named in Edmund’s will.

The births and subsequent deaths of two other Talbut children were recorded but the names of their parents not stated -- these were Margaret born and died Apr 1701 and Maxamillion born and died in 1704. My hunch is that these too were children of Edmund and Mary.

The birth of son John was the last mention of Edmund in Anne Arundel and then by 1721, they were mentioned for the first time at St. John’s Parish when their daughter Elizabeth Elinor was baptized there.
Research notes for 6G GF Edmund Talbott Sr.
On HWS IA 165, in 1738 John acknowledges having received his share of his father Edmund’s estate from brothers William and Edmund.

Elizabeth Elinor was born 30 Oct 1721.

His will mentioned his older sons Edmund and William, then in 1735 Edmund transfers Bonds Gift (or some of it I suppose) to William.
My Comments notes for 6G GF Edmund Talbott Sr.
”Baltimore County Families” by Robert Barnes was my initial source as to information on the Talbott’s including dates and places and the fact that Edmund and Mary were the parents of Edmund Jr. (citing his will as evidence). ”Edmund died Baltimore County in Jun 1731, married Mary who survived him. His will dated 3 Nov 1731 proved 24 Nov 1731 named children Edmund, William, John and Elizabeth Elinor.”

I have found his will. Wife Mary was left personalty during her widowhood but should she re-marry to get her thirds. Two of his children appeared to be minors -- John and Elizabeth Elinor to stay with their mother until of age except if she remarried then John to be free at age 18 and Elizabeth at 14. All four children, the others being William and eldest son Edmund, got 200 acres each. For Edmund and William, it was the plantations where they then lived. Son John got Edmund Sr.’s dwelling plantation and Elizabeth the remainder. No one was to dispose of land until they reached the age of 30.

The records of St. George/St. John Parish show that Edmund Talbott Sr. died 13 Nov 1731.
Research notes for Mary (Spouse 1)
From Phyllis Hughes: I also may have found the maiden name of Edmund Talbott’s wife Mary. This is from an Anne Arundel Co., MD deed in Book WT, #1, p. 37. An Edwd Sunn (or Lunn in other records) gives his dau Mary, wife of Edmond Talbott of AA, 3 parcels of land, 10 Aug 1699. Edmund Talbott is also the adm. of the Edward Lun land, same book, p. 191, 31 Dec 1692.

I don’t have a solid birth date for either Edmund Talbott I or II, but think this would have to be, if relevant, for Edmund Talbott I.

Then just to complicate things, also in AA Co., there are these deeds: Bk. IB, #2, pp. 24, 179, which names Mary Cook, dau of Wm. Cook, who is now Mary Talbott, wife of Edmund Talbott in 1697.

These may be earlier Talbotts than Edmund I and II, but I haven’t had time to really study this yet.
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