Mertz Genealogy - Person Sheet
Mertz Genealogy - Person Sheet
NameJesse Carroll 1148,1149,1150,1151,1152,1153,1154
Deathbef 13 Nov 1809, Sampson Co, NC1155,1156
Birthabt 1752, Duplin Co, NC
Death19 Feb 1811, Sampson Co, NC
FatherSamuel Gavin (1728->1761)
Marriageabt 1769, Duplin Co, NC
ChildrenJohn (1770-1826)
 Thomas (1772-<1816)
 Mary (1773-)
 Jesse (1774-<1813)
 Joseph (1776-)
 Priscilla (1777-)
 Rachel (1777-)
Census History notes for Jesse Carroll
1790. Jesse Carroll lives in Sampson County. The household consists of 3 males over 16, 4 males under and 4 females. There are two extra males (perhaps parents or sons who don't survive to adulthood) but all of Jesse's known family members are present and accounted for.
Research notes for Jesse Carroll
The Chesnutt book makes note of Jesse’s and Rachel’s children and known grandchildren. It says that Jesse was born about 1750 in Granville County son of William Carroll -- but I think those facts are wrong. It further says that he bought out his brother Thomas’ interest in his father’s plantation on Six Runs in 1764 and brother John’s in 1767.

Jesse is named in any number of early deeds. There are the two referred to in the Chesnutt book, though neither make clear the familial relationship stated. Later deeds may refer to him or his son Jesse Jr. or perhaps in some cases even his grandson Jesse but they all present the picture that Jesse Carroll's main land holdings and home plantation were on Six Runs at or near where Stewart's Creek joins Six Runs.

Two other deeds seem most certainly to involve Jesse the soldier. On 11 Apr 1784, King Vann deeded to Jesse Carroll, both of Duplin County, 75 acres for 25 pounds. The deed covered land that had been part of a tract granted to Joseph Williams and part of a tract granted to Joshua Lee described as on the East side of Six Runs and lying in the fork of Stewart’s Creek.

On 2 Feb 1787, James Brewer deeded to Jesse Carroll both of Sampson County 150 acres for 26 pounds specie. The deed covered a parcel of land and a plantation on the East side of Six Runs and North Side of Stewart’s Creek. The description refers to Jesse Carroll’s corner so my sense of it is that Jesse was buying more land that adjoined land he already owned. Another part of description refers to the head of Pizzel’s Branch (I can’t find that watercourse on any map).

The DAR lists him as “Jesse Carroll: b c 1750 NC d p 10 Mar 1802 NC m Mary Rachel Gavin sol NC”

Jesse’s will. The will of Jesse Carroll was written 10 Mar 1802. He leaves son John Carroll the plantation wheron he now lives with 295 acres of several different tracts. To son Jesse my old plantation whereon I formerly lived with 355 acres. To son Thomas 356 acres lying on the upper side of Stewart's Creek joinng Mill Branch. To son Joseph the plantation whereon I (Jesse) now live of about 355 acres bounded by lines agreed upon and one hundred acres of land with a msall improvement on the Pecooso Branch and three negroes
Discrepant Facts notes for Jesse Carroll
Many Internet trees say Jesse was the son of William Carroll of Granville County and that he was born there. I do not know where he was born nor the name of his father. I believe it is a mistaken notion that he was the son of William. It is the fact that William had sons named John, Jesse and Thomas -- all names of early Sampson County Carrolls -- that has caused the confusion. But, it is clear from William’s 1781 will that his sons were minors as late as that date and that indicates that William's sons were younger than the men of similar names of Sampson County.
My Comments notes for Jesse Carroll
The Carrolls are another early NC family who appear in what is now Sampson County by 1760 or earlier. They may have started out in Virginia or a more northern NC county then drifted southward and arrived in Sampson County. Or maybe they ended up in Sampson County not long after coming to America from Ireland.

I first learned that Jesse Carroll was a Lawther ancestor when tracing the ancestry of Mary E Carroll whose name I first encountered in the Herring Highlights book. One early thing I learned about Jesse was that he was a Revolutionary War soldier and for awhile I thought he was the grandfather of Mary E. It turns out that the soldier was the great-grandfather of Mary E and that Jesse the soldier had a son Jesse and in at least some sources, the two Jesse's had been merged together. But it now seems clear that Jesse Sr., a soldier who married Mary Gavin, and their son Jesse Jr., who married Margaret Merritt, are all Lawther ancestors.

Now I also have gathered additional information about the earliest members of the Carroll family from wills, land deeds and Census data as well as certain Sampson County publications.

Sampson County Revolutionary War Records says that soldier was Private in the NC Militia, that he was born 1749 in Granville County, NC and married about 1769 to Mary Rachel Gavin of Duplin County. She was born there in 1752 and died in Sampson County 19 Feb 1811. He appears on the 1784 Sampson County tax list being taxed for 1105 acres. He drew his will in Sampson County on 10 Mar 1802 and it went to probate 13 Nov 1808.

I have seen the 1784 tax list and indeed he was taxed on 1105 acres.

I have a copy of his original will, handwritten but apparently not by him, and I have seen a transcript of his will. Jesse Carrell Sr. of Sampson County wrote his will 10 Mar 1802 and it was probated 13 Nov 1809 (the 1808 date being a typo but one which has been propagated far and wide). It provides for sons Jesse, John, Joseph and Thomas and daughter Mary who is married and daughters Priscilla and Rachel Carrell. Each son got a farm of approximately 350 acres. In the copy I have seen, several small portions were barely readable and there are two discrepancies between what I read versus what I have seen transcribed. I did not find any mention in his will of his wife though the transcription names her. He did name his daughter Rachel but not wife Mary Rachel though that may be the cause of confusion. And I think his married daughter was named Mary Hollingsworth while the transcription I have seen says she was named Mary Collins.

Jesse is present in the 1790 and 1800 Census in Sampson County and the ages and counts of family members is generally consistent with what I believe to be true about Jesse's family.

So there is a fair amount of information out there about Jesse Carroll the soldier, some of which I believe is proven, some of which I discount and some of which I believe but cannot prove.

I believe he is the Jesse Carroll who wrote his will in 1802 and since it was not proven until 13 Nov 1809, I believe he died sometime earlier in 1809. Many sources say that he died in 1802 which I think are based on that being the year he wrote his will. Some sources say he died in 1801, one even says it was 16 Aug 1801 near Kenansville, Duplin County, NC. I cannot account for such statements.

I believe that the better part of at least his adult life was lived in what is now Sampson County on Six Runs near Stewart's Creek. This area is not far from Duplin County but all references to Jesse Carroll being from Duplin County stem from the fact that the bulk of Sampson County was part of Duplin County from 1750 (when Duplin was created from part of New Hanover County) to 1784 (when Sampson was created from part of Duplin).

I do not know when Jesse was born. Many sources say 1749 but I have no idea where that idea comes from. He was age 45+ in the 1800 Census, so that indicates a birth year prior to 1755. His oldest son John is said to have been born in 1770, but I do not know if that is accurate. If true, then a birth year for Jesse a little prior to 1750 seems about right.

Whatever Jesse's origins, I believe that he is associated in some way with other Carrolls named in early Duplin/Sampson County records including John Sr., John Jr., Thomas (also a Revolutionary War vet) and Hardy (another vet). Could some of these be brothers of Jesse?

I believe Jesse married Mary Rachel Gavin but interestingly I haven't been able to prove it. Every source states it as fact and while I tend to be a doubting Thomas sometimes, in this case I have never seen anything which would lead me to question that assertion. The Gavin family lived near Turkey, Sampson County, so young Mary was definitely in the right place at presumably the right time.

I believe I know the list of Jesse's children who survived at least to the time of his death as those named in his will. This includes Jesse Carroll Jr.

One of the more interesting sources I found on this family were papers that detailed the NC Carroll family found as part of the Maryland Historical Society file on the distinguished MD Carroll family. These papers detailed the involvement of the NC Carrolls and the Southern Baptist Church.

Jesse’s son John, brother of Jesse Jr., had many sons including Benajah and John Durham (JD) and from this line flowed a series of Baptist ministers who ranged across the South and ended up in various positions of importance in the southern Baptist Church.

The following is extracted by Charles Chauncey Carroll from the History of the Baptist Church at Magnolia (Sampson County).

–In November 1835, an assembly of brethren and sisters met for the purpose of organizing a church of the Baptist faith. The following agreed to constitute a church having been dismissed for that purpose from the church at Concord. Males: Benajah Carroll, J D Carroll (and several others) and females Mary Eliza Carroll, Nancy Herring (and several others). Benajah became an elder.

–In 1837, Benajah Carroll and wife Mary Eliza Carroll and Stephen and Ann Herring (no doubt related to but not direct ancestors of the Lawthers) were dismissed to constitute the Baptist Church at Kenansville.

–In July 1903, the saintly LR Carroll was called for pastor. The church welcomed him back home.

–Returning to the lives of our prominent pastors and their descendants. Rev Benajah Carroll moved to Texas where he shared in the pioneer struggle of that state and reared a son Rev Benajah Harvey Carroll who became a great tower of strength to the Baptist cause of Texas.

–J D Carroll, for 20 years a clerk of the church of Beaverdam, reared two sons: Rev J Lem Carroll and Rev L R Carroll.

The compiler of all of this information — Rev Charles Chauncey Carroll — whose address was the Baptist Bible Institute -- was the son of Benajah Harvey Carroll mentioned above. Benajah Harvey Carroll was Founder and First President of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at Fort Worth, Texas.

It sounds like the Southern Baptist Church would not have been what it is without Jesse Carroll’s son John and his descendants.

Note: the Rev L R Carroll mentioned above is the same man as Rev Luther Rice Carroll mentioned in the introduction to this chapter.
Parent-Proof notes for Mary Rachel (Spouse 1)
Right now I have Samuel Gavin as the father of Mary Rachel but I believe I have taken that from the Chestnutt book and subsequently I have found the website of John H Croom, a descendant, and his theory is that she was the daughter of Thomas, brother of Samuel. I need to study this issue again.
My Comments notes for Mary Rachel (Spouse 1)
Said to be of Cedar Hill plantation south of Turkey. She is said uniformly to be the wife of Jesse Carroll Sr. with birth year and death date as I have given them.

But I have scant proof of any of these facts though I know of nothing to call any of it into question.
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